About Us

In all organisations no matter how well the organisation is run by its directors, how well the managers perform or how well the employees are motivated, committed and engaged there will be times when problems or difficulties arise. Within these circumstances, it is the job of the Human Resources function to maintain optimal workplace performance, to have knowledge of workplace policies, and to limit the damage any issues or problems could cause. To achieve this a suitable method of dealing with problems and issues has to be developed in all companies regardless of size.

At Advanced People Management we believe that if you have the support of a consultancy that has in-depth knowledge of UK Employment Law, and the development and maintenance of front-line HR workplace policies and procedures this will enable you to resolve issues at an early stage before the problem turns into something more serious.

Generally, if you approach any of our CIPD accredited HR professionals or Employment Law Litigation Specialists for support or advice, we can quickly intervene and help. We can offer general telephone advice, conduct investigations and hearings for you if required, analyse the Contract of Employment, the Employee Handbook or wider UK  employment law to get the issue(s) resolved fairly and swiftly.

From experience, we know that if employers understand and know their rights, know how to exercise them and can demonstrate this, it will lead to a quick improvement for everyone at work.

Advanced People Management; A quality service at a price all businesses can afford